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How to change antifreeze on the PC800
Written by obijuanak on 7/21/2010 at 01:04 am

On Jul 20, 2010, at 15:29 , Jerry wrote:

> Just a suggestion since you may end up pulling bodywork off the bike to change
the coolant.
> Take a moment to pull the thermostat and check its operation by putting it in
a pan on the stove to verify it opens as it should.

Frankly, at this point I wouldn't even bother testing it. I'd just go ahead and
replace it with an OEM unit. Same goes for the radiator cap. Cheap peace of



Juan Goula
Fairbanks, Alaska
'90 PC800 - "Hobbes"
'90 XL600V - "Roswell"
'97 VMX1200 - "Silver Surfer"
'07 DR650SE - "Darth Marmot"
'07 Phazer FX - "Spike"
'07 Phazer Mt Lt - "Stretch"

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