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How to change antifreeze on the PC800
Written by david_a_fugl... on 7/21/2010 at 02:45 am


I just changed my fluid without removing any plastic. I didn't remove the drain
bolt all the way. I just opened it part way and let the fluid leak out into a
small bucket. You may want to remove the cover above the foot peg to help you
find the water pump if you don't know where it is. When looking at the bottom
of the bike there are a couple of overflow hoses that end right about at the
water pump drain bolt.

You will have to get the fluid out of the overflow tank by some other means - I
siphoned mine.

I used Honda pre-mix antifreeze to refill.

Dave Fuglestad
1996 Honda PC800 "UnderDog"
1983 Honda GL650I "Mighty Mouse"

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