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Exhaust Wrap
Written by alfr4d on 7/23/2010 at 01:07 am

As an answer to a message about engine heat - comfort - problems, I mentioned
the exhaust wrap insulation material. I did do this last week to test it out. I
wrapped only the right bend behind the air-duct cover and the fairing protector.
Any lower, it would not have been easy to apply the metal tie. I did not want
the wrap to become dirty and wet from below either.

Now these wraps, made from nylon with glass fiber, ceramics, graphite or aerogel
are applied for various reasons. More power and protecting other parts from the
heat are among the most common. It was revealed in advertisements that hot
exhaust gas left the engine easier than gas cooling down in the exhaust system.
Cooler air at intake was also mentioned as being a good reason.

For comfort there seemed to be only a little effect. Not worth the trouble if
you ask me. The same applies to sound. The motorbike felt a bit stronger though
and perhaps the mixture was richer. Plenty of good sound so to say. The promised
extra horsepower would be measurable at gas consumption I figured and I must say
I never drove this far. I have the data but do not know how good it is for any
of you. 25,26 kilometer/liter or: 59,40 miles per gallon.
This is normal driving under various tough conditions and not holding back in
any way but not very fast. I rarely do drive fast. I drove several times, had
stops, and did 188 miles in total. It was never that good.

Can anyone confirm or deny the benefit of wraps or other forms of exhaust
insulation, like ceramic coating, by experience or science?

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