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Twist throttle won't return with grip puppies installed?
Written by dmikec... on 7/25/2010 at 07:39 pm

I did not see one, I have a '89 and all I saw was two screws that held the cable
housing together and tighten it down to the handlebars. Where does the pin go
in at?



--- In, "BD Pickett" <bp.ipcrc@...> wrote:
> There should be a pin that aligns the throttle housing with a hole in the
handlebars. If the pin has become lost, it could indeed be a hassle to get
things lined up properly.
> Be seeing you,
> Bruce Pickett
> Federal Way, WA
> '90 PC800 "Blue Pacific"
> '96 PC800 "Red C"
> '93 ST1100 "STimulus"
> '05 GL1800A "Blue's Brother"
> --- In, "dmikec@" <dmikec@> wrote:
> >
> > If you are going to work with the throttle, make sure you note when the
housing is at and at what angle. It took me 1 half hour to get everything
aligned back to plastic back together.
> >
> > Mike

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7/25/2010, 12:15 am
Twist throttle won't return with grip puppies installed?
I just installed a pair of grip puppies and they feel perfect ... the problem is that when I twist the throttle, it won't "rebound" or return. I have not trimmed them, but did roll each end back over itself so that no part of the grip