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Engine cutting out--AGAIN
Written by wkaufmann2000 on 7/27/2010 at 05:39 pm

My bet is that it has something to do with the engine getting short of
fuel when being revved that high.
I think it needs more fuel than the fuel system (fuel
filter/pump/petcock/carb) is able to deliver when the throttle is opened
As soon as you close the throttle a bit the fuel systen catches up and
the engine recovers...
What exactly the culprit is, is due to further investigation....


Wolfgang Kaufmann (Austria/Europe),
iPCRC # 634
in order of purchase :
PC800 `90, "Mazda Baby", 89 K miles (1992)
PC800 `96, still unnamed, 15 K miles (2000)
PC800 `90, "Harlequin", 53 K miles (2002 - completely restored project bike)
new in my stable:
PC800 `96, still unnamed, 9 K miles (2006)
PC800 `89 - nice little miniature (2007) ! (does this count too ??) ;-) (in German language)

emmettmarrone schrieb:
> Hi again,
> I drove to work last night and while running at about 5k rpm it happened
again, twice. I was able to recover the engine by pulling in the clutch,
letting the engine slow down for 5-8 seconds then revving the engine three short
revs then letting the clutch out. It was almost like I cleared the carbs or
something. Still a mystery, hopefully tomorrow will clean K&N air filter and
check the carbs( I have no idea what to do to them) and maybe change the oil.
It almost seems like when under load something happens and I correct it by
pulling in the clutch, free wheel for seconds and then restart.
> Thanks for all suggestions.
> Emmett
> '90 PC800

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