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Hondaline Brackets
Written by pc800uk on 7/27/2010 at 08:02 pm

I managed to pick up a new Hondaline backrest when I was in Florida last
November. It had a revised part number and the dealer ordered it in for me
within 5 days.

The new part number is 08F75-MR5-110 and it cost $175.50.

I am sure any Honda dealer could order one if they are still available. I got
mine from Barneys of St.Pete and tel' no' is 727-576-1146. They are very

Hope it helps.

All the best from the UK.


--- In, "rumandcoke2003" <rumandcoke2003@...> wrote:
> I was looking at utopia backrests for me and the wife and was told I had to
have a hondaline bracket for the passenger rest. I called and was told it wasn't
the stock bracket, yet can't find one from Honda (online). Anyone know what
these are or where to get them?
> Thanks, Steve

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