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Engine cutting out--AGAIN
Written by blitzzingers on 7/28/2010 at 02:17 am

I had this same problem this past spring. It is your Fuel petcock . you
will have to remove your top shelter to get to it. the quick fix that many have
done it to replace the petcock with a Tee. you can get one at you local auto
supply for a couple of bucks. I did that first, but it did cause my bike to
backfire once in a while when i downshifted and i found it to be annoying so i
orderd a fuel petcock rebuild kit (K&L) for about 20 bucks online. 5K miles
later it still runs like a champ...FYI i did continue to ride with the problem
of cutting out and it eventually quit until i replaced it. i put 80 miles a day
on my bike and 90percent is interstate....hope this helps

Bert - 90 PC

--- In, "emmettmarrone" <emarr@...> wrote:
> Hi again,
> I drove to work last night and while running at about 5k rpm it happened
again, twice. I was able to recover the engine by pulling in the clutch,
letting the engine slow down for 5-8 seconds then revving the engine three short
revs then letting the clutch out. It was almost like I cleared the carbs or
something. Still a mystery, hopefully tomorrow will clean K&N air filter and
check the carbs( I have no idea what to do to them) and maybe change the oil.
It almost seems like when under load something happens and I correct it by
pulling in the clutch, free wheel for seconds and then restart.
> Thanks for all suggestions.
> Emmett
> '90 PC800

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