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Engine cutting out--AGAIN
Written by emmettmarrone on 7/28/2010 at 05:55 am

First I'd like to thank all those who replied. I looked at all the suggestions
and did the following. The oil needed changinf so did that with Delvac15/40 and
new Honda filter, then I took off the shelter and cleaned and re-oiled my K&N
air filter and while I had the shelter off, I inspected and attempted to tighten
the 4 screws on the petcock but they were tight. I then discovered that the
previous owner had put a (T) on the narrow tubing coming from the back of the
petcock and the cap that was on the (T) had gotten hard and cracked all over and
so I replaced it with a new one. I reassembled the bike,I also checked the side
stand switch while the plastic was off. I reassembled all and then gave her a
good washing and drying. I took it to work tonight and it road better than it
has in months. I have a feekiing that the cap was allowing a vaccum loss and
the petcock shut down but for me that's only speculation. Now if ever I can
actually sync the carbs, I'm sure it will fly but still unsure of the process
and making the manometer. That's for another day.

Thanks again to one and all for you kind help.

----- Original Message -----
From: Bert
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 10:18 pm
Subject: PC800: Re: Engine cutting out--AGAIN

> Emmett,
> I had this same problem this past spring. It is your
> Fuel petcock . you will have to remove your top shelter to get
> to it. the quick fix that many have done it to replace the
> petcock with a Tee. you can get one at you local auto supply for
> a couple of bucks. I did that first, but it did cause my bike to
> backfire once in a while when i downshifted and i found it to be
> annoying so i orderd a fuel petcock rebuild kit (K&L) for about
> 20 bucks online. 5K miles later it still runs like a champ...FYI
> i did continue to ride with the problem of cutting out and it
> eventually quit until i replaced it. i put 80 miles a day on my
> bike and 90percent is interstate....hope this helps
> Bert - 90 PC
> --- In, "emmettmarrone" wrote:
> >
> > Hi again,
> > I drove to work last night and while running at about 5k rpm
> it happened again, twice. I was able to recover the engine by
> pulling in the clutch, letting the engine slow down for 5-8
> seconds then revving the engine three short revs then letting
> the clutch out. It was almost like I cleared the carbs or
> something. Still a mystery, hopefully tomorrow will clean K&N
> air filter and check the carbs( I have no idea what to do to
> them) and maybe change the oil. It almost seems like when under
> load something happens and I correct it by pulling in the
> clutch, free wheel for seconds and then restart.
> > Thanks for all suggestions.
> > Emmett
> > '90 PC800
> >

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