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Mixing bias ply & radial tires
Written by shotcoy on 7/28/2010 at 03:49 pm

I am currently running a bias ply tire(Bridgestone Battlax BT45 120/80-17) on
the front of my PC. I am running a radial(BFGoodrich P155/80R-15) car tire on
the back of my PC. I currently have 13,000+ miles running a radial on the back
with a bias ply on the front. I have not had any problems/issues with this
combination. Several other coasters are running a similar combination without
any reported problems. Hundreds(if not thousands) of "Darksiders"(running a
radial car tire on the rear of a motorcycle) are also running similar setups.
Yamaha now markets their "Raider" motorcycle with a bias ply front and a radial
rear from the factory. Harley-Davidson is doing the same with their "Rocker"
model. Concerns with regards to this issue on motorcycles appear to be
unfounded(one narrow-minded man's experience and opinion). Mixing tires on 4
wheeled(or more) vehicles is a different story, as all 4 wheels are braked
simultaneously with the push of a single brake pedal. Enjoy fun and safe riding!
Dave "YT" Hoover

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