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Written by goldwingman40 on 8/7/2010 at 12:54 pm

I put another 100 miles (800 miles total) of twisties, from slow, tight to high
speed sweepers, on the new tires yesterday. Went to go on a ride with a group
from Schroader's Honda on wednesday but when I went to start I heard a pop under
the seat and everything went black. The battery had shorted a cell. I had to
take the wife's 85 VT500 Shadow, smallest bike in the group, but no problem
keeping up and the good thing is I got 71 miles per gallon, the best I ever got
on thet bike, usually about 65.
The Avon Roadrider 120/80-17 fromt and Shinco 230 140/90-15 rear felt great on
the handling. Felt much like the Dunlops without the problem on grooved
pavement. They had great grip in the corners laid over and track well. don't
have enough miles to tell anything about milage but the surface looks good, time
will tell. Avon was about $78 with free shipping and Shinko was about $68 with
free shipping.

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