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Admore mini LED light bar on my pc800!!!!
Written by rocker8585 on 8/9/2010 at 02:01 am

I am a big fan of this led bar

--- In, "Jerry" <sanae.ej@...> wrote:
> Slash,
> I like the lights. They really look like they add much visability from the
rear - a good thing. Thanks for posting this.
> Need to find a few other LED options for the sides.
> Jerry
> --- In, "Slash S" <rocker8585@> wrote:
> >
> > Wow i just put this light bar on my bike from and
this thing rocks! I was looking to add some more visibility to my bike. As we
all know the tail lights are fairly low on our bikes so having some higher up
light is a real help and this light does it all. It is a brake light with 3
pulse modulation. sequential turn signals. and running light all in one light. I
just rode on an 1100 mile ride all around PA and i have to say this light bar
really alerts people to what your intentions are on the road. I found having the
moving lights on the turn signalcaused people to take note and i found lots of
people waved me over. same goes with the brake light feature since it pulses
people actually know that your brakes are on and start slowing down a bit
quicker then i have typically noticed. Installation on this was a breeze on this
> >
> > I took some pics and put them in the photo section under Black Betty's mod's
> >
> > and here is a video link
> >
> >\

> >
> >\

> >

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