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Things I don't like about my Corbin seat set
Written by pgboyd on 8/23/2010 at 04:59 pm


I have no doubt that I'm probably doing something wrong, but from what I see I
can't slide the driver's backrest away from the underneath of the passenger seat
enough to remove the front seat. I can get to the two bolts in the driver's seat
okay, but can't pull the front seat off while the back seat is installed.

I'm also a very impatient person though, so I wouldn't be surprised if others
have had more success.


--- In, Tim Davies <yankeesmuggler@...> wrote:
> I had a Givi seat for7 years and never had to remove the rear seat to
> remove the front. Do you remove the Corbin backrest (driver 's) before
> trying to remove the seat?
> Tim
> Sent from my iPod Touch
> On Aug 23, 2010, at 12:02 PM, "Phillip Boyd"
> <phillip.g.boyd@...> wrote:
> > A month or so ago I got a new to me Corbin seat set from another
> > member of the forum. I've had a few weeks to try it out now and at
> > the risk of possibly destroying my ability to resell it, thought I
> > would post some of the things I don't like:
> >
> > It's kinda slippery. I put an AirHawk on it this week and it grabs
> > better, but my Aerostich covered butt tends to slide without the
> > AirHawk.
> >
> > It's very firm. The existing PC800 seat set was probably too cushy,
> > but I'm not sure I like the extra firmness.
> >
> > Probably the worst thing - You can't take the front seat off without
> > taking the rear seat off first. That just seems dumb to me. I wanted
> > to hook up my Powerlet adapter, but I'll have to wait until I have
> > time to take the entire seat set off (and the Givi rack - yuck).
> >
> > Phil
> > Northern VA
> > 1995 PC800 Tsunami
> >
> >

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