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Tires: Strictly F.Y.I.
Written by rckamikaze55 on 8/29/2010 at 01:08 pm

I now have 2000+ miles on the AVON Roadrider/Kenda Challenger tire combo I
installed last May. I have ridden in pouring rain, hot/cold conditions, ridden
the twisties, & the commute to/from work. Most of my miles this season have been
2-up. The Avon is definitely a superior tire to the Dunlop IMHO. Commuting,
there are a few spots I have always taken EXTREME caution because the K555 felt
like it would slide out from under the bike. These same spots are a "non-event"
with the Avon tire. I started with normal recommended tire pressures, but have
bumped them up about 20%. This is an evolving process. Wear at this point is a
"non-issue". The Challenger 657 is an excellent value for the dollar, but I feel
the real test will be how fast it wears after 4000K mi. The taller 90 series
tire is a problem for me when riding solo. I became accustomed to the "bald as
my head" Dunlop. I was embarrassed by just how bad the tire was when I had it
changed. I had over 8200 mi. on it so I pushed it WAY TOO FAR.
Personally, I was not so impressed with the OEM tires to pay the price for 2
new ones.

Just one riders' opinion,
Stephen Sr. in OH
'96 PC800
'06 250EX

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