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Seen Cack's new exhaust yet?
Written by stevenamcgraw on 8/31/2010 at 12:05 am

Y I K E S ! ! ! Just viewed the photo of Cack's latest additions to his, er,
uh, Honda (motorycle?) and was quite (impressed?) with the EZ-Bake oven and the
tractor rain guard flap at the top of the exhaust pipe stack. How very

Also, I've found an excellent location for one of my proposed new bumper
stickers for his bike, and it would still read, "MY OTHER BIKE'S A HONDA PC800,"
just to keep from confusing the viewing public who might mistake Cack's bike for
one of those little... scooters.

Clever, eh?

Finally, Dork's description of Cack's bike being the result of an unholy
three-way was - shall we say, in a word - understated.

And clever.



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