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HIDs ?
Written by rwven6956 on 9/2/2010 at 07:09 pm

I've installed HIDs in my Buell, and they rock. The problem with the H4 HIDs you
would need in the PC are that the high/low beam system is severely compromised.

In my PC I used an 80/100W lamp and rewired the headlights directly from the
battery through a set of relays. This increased the light output significantly
and I never had an issue with drivers flashing me. I had this lamp in the bike
for over 3 years, it was still in it when I sold it.

--- In, "Bobb Todd" <bobbtodd@...> wrote:
> Has anyone successfully mounted an HID hi/low in a PC ?
> Compared to the GL1800 [and most modern bikes] the head light seems anemic.
Seems to me I
> remember seeing conversion kits as low as $50-100.
> Bobb Todd

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