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HIDs ?
Written by rwven6956 on 9/2/2010 at 11:00 pm

There are several ways. The low beam is the default HID light. Some units
piggyback a quartz halogen lamp to the HID to get the high beam. Some use a
shutter to shade part of the beam from the reflector to differentiate between
high and low beams. Some move the entire bulb to change the focal point of the
HID lamp in relation to the reflector. None work all that well because the
positioning of the arc envelope in an HID is not the same as the filament
position in the H4 so the focal point is not optimal.

--- In, "Dick MacInnes" <swiftly1@...> wrote:
> How does this unit get the low beam? I've heard the beam displacement angle
> is somewhat wide. I've also read the low beam is done with an internal (to
> the bulb) mirror.
> Dick MacInnes

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