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HIDs ?
Written by rwven6956 on 9/3/2010 at 12:02 pm


My bike takes H-7s, so what I got would not apply to the PC. The PC takes an H$.
Your choices are: 1. H4 single beam and forgo having a high beam 2. H4 high/low
which has an HID low beam and a halogen high beam. This would allow the use of a
modulator on the high beam, I'm not sure how effective it would be having to
compete with the HID low beam which is always on. 3. H4 BI-XENON which uses a
motor to raise or lower the beam angle. See comparison here:

You also get a choice of ballast, compact or standard, and a choice of wattage,
35 or 55 watt.

The standard ballasts will work fine on the PC, you have plenty of areas in the
fairing to mount them, I used the standard ballasts on my Buell and mounting
them was a challenge.

I went with the 35 watt because I did not want to upgrade my headlight wiring.
Even though the stock lamps are 55 W halogens, the HID ballasts draw high
currents for a very short time during startup so upgraded wiring is recommended
for the 55W units.

Read through vvme's FAQs, lots of good information there.

--- In, "TimD" <tim@...> wrote:
> Ronald,
> Which kit did you get?
> -Tim Dearborn
> Blue Island, IL, USA
> '96 Pacific Coast, "Tuppie", 34K
> '06 Vulcan 500, "Sarek", 7K, (Sold)
> --- In, "Ronald" <rwvdtd@> wrote:
> >
> > If you do choose to try HIDs, I bought mine here: They
work great and are reasonably priced.
> >

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