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First Impression -only 100k/60 miles
Written by goldwingman40 on 9/6/2010 at 10:49 pm

If you can find a set of Valkyrie rider pegs they7 are the same style but the
parts are welded together slightly different, 1/4" down and 3/8" forward, which
gives about 1/2" more legroom. You can also install bar risers to bring the bars
up and back. I have them both on my 89 along with a Rick Mayer customized seat.

--- In, "Bobb Todd" <bobbtodd@...> wrote:
> It's been more than 10 years since I rode a PC and I didn't take a test ride
on this one.
> I bought an '89 with about 44k miles. A few scuffs on the paint but not bad.
Honda used to
> make good paint.
> About $3500, bought, safetied and taxes. Stator done. Top end done because it
leaked a bit
> and he didn't like the smell. New fork seals and thermostat [he was trying to
get it run
> hotter] since it sits at 25 % of the range when moving. Good tires and a
stereo installed
> although I 'm having some trouble getting it to work [92 page manual]
> At 100 k the gas gauge had barely dropped.
> Suspension is surprisingly firm [a good thing]. I expected the rear shocks to
be toast but
> on one notch from top the ride was good. Ran 38/40 in the tires. It turns well
which I
> suspect is the skinny tires. Also looking forward to the price of new ones.
Tires for the
> GL1800 ran $500 at my discounted price.
> Bars are comfortable but I had forgotten that it was a slight lean forward
like the
> ST1100.
> Pegs seem high to me, definitely higher than the Wing [which has exactly the
same rider
> foot pegs].
> The rider's seat foam is toast [it is 21 years old] so I'll get a Russell
> The new Clearview must be a +6 as I can't see over it unless I stand up.
Previous owner 6'
> 3" , me 5' 8" and shrinking. Don't care as it provides great protection and my
> don't blow away.
> Tomorrow it gets a safety, cigarette lighter, BMW socket for my Gerbings, a
voltmeter so I
> won't run flat, and my GPS mounted
> Bobb Todd

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