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How to polish aluminum
Written by wolfeman5r on 9/9/2010 at 03:44 am

I use mothers aluminum polish and 0000 steel wool. Wet the wool with the polish,
and have at it in circles. Keep the wool very wet. Tedious but rewarding in the

--- In, "Jerry" <sanae.ej@...> wrote:
> I got a few questions from members of the site on how to polish aluminum
> Here is the link to another site I hang around - caters to the CX/GL 500/600
bikes - and the specific thread on how to polish aluminum:
> I have done a few items, but there is no substitution for experience and
better tools to do the job. I find I now whimp out and use someone I have had
great experience with. I will look up the person and post his info but have to
get it off another machine...
> Jerry

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