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Alternate front tires
Written by shotcoy on 9/10/2010 at 03:34 am

Hi Roy! Yes, I use the Battlax BT45 mounted backwards on the front. Currently
have 13,000+ miles on it. I think I'll get another 3,000 or so out of it. I run
40 psi in it. It could be said that I run it hard and put it away wet(details at
the end of the season/December). My last Dunlop K555 front was worn out at
10,000 miles. Ehjoy fun & safe riding! Dave "YT" Hoover

--- In, "Roy Cope" <coaster@...> wrote:
> The choice of front tires for the PC is limited, most use either the Dunlop
K555, or the Metzler M880.
> Another choice is the IRC Wild Flare WF920, 120/80H17. I tried this tire
but did not like it, the bad tread design contributes to cupping.
> Two other tires 120/80-17 are listed as rear tires.
> The Avon Road rider AM26 , some on this list have reported on this tire.
> The other tire is the Bridgestone Battlax BT45, has anyone tried this tire?
> I have no problem with the K555 and will probably go my to this tire, just
> Roy Cope

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