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Yuasa Battery Life
Written by lcshepp on 9/21/2010 at 02:25 am

Hi Coasters,

I think the battery on my '90 is getting ready to go. Every once in a
while, it sounds like it's dead or dying. Then all of a sudden, it
comes back to life. I'm watching it pretty closely...

Just for grins, I went and checked to see when this battery was
installed. Ready for this?

June 1st, 2002. It was the one I installed when I figured out that the
regulator had killed the prior battery. New battery and regulator went
in that same day.

Almost 87,000 miles later (21112 on the bike on that day), 8 years and
almost 4 months later, it's still running albeit probably limping now.

It's a Yuasa and that kind of life is one of the reasons I keep using them.

(I got over 11 years of life out of the Yuasa that came from the factory
in my '89.)



Leland Sheppard
Placerville, California, USA

...Life is good on the Pacific Coast...

'94 Pacific Coast, "Black Beauty", 211,500 miles
'89 Pacific Coast, "Shadow Dancer", 122,300 miles
'90 Pacific Coast, "Red Baron", 107,875 miles
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'02 Ural Patrol, "Boris Blueanov", 15,282 kilometers
'89 GB500, "Little Bugger", 13,801 miles
'02 GL1800, "Copper", 59,200, '07 Aspen Classic, "Copper's Camper", 2,011 miles
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