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Trunk Latch Alternative - Part II
Written by csury on 9/26/2010 at 02:15 pm

I went to the files section to download the file. The PDF file doesn't seem to
have the .pdf file name extension included as part of the file name.

Download the file from the Files section, then rename the downloaded file to
include the ".pdf" extension in the file name and all will be good.

--- In, "Gwynethh" <gwynethh15@...> wrote:
> The PDF URL does not work for me. The photo URL DOES work.
> Also your recent file DISABLE REAR LOCK comes up as an unrecognized file type
ie not as a PDF.
> --- In, "pc800dork" <dokiedo@> wrote:
> snip
> >
> > There is now a PDF with pics and the procedure in Files.
> >
> >
> >

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9/25/2010, 09:29 pm
Trunk Latch Alternative - Part II
For those who are interested... I decided I'd see how well the trunk works with the (potentially disastrous) rear lock disabled. I removed the rear striker. It was an easy job - Simply remove the two hex-bolts on the inside rear li