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wong wing
Written by dotson85... on 9/29/2010 at 04:13 am

What happened? Did it die on the vine?

Message Thread for message #97385

9/9/2005, 09:33 pm
wong wing
Hi all from a cool murky autumnal North East England.. Has anyone any info about the rear wing, aerofoil ,spoiler or as i think it may be called the wong wing.. can i still get one if so where? thanks in anticipation , Diz.

    9/10/2005, 04:19 am
    wong wing
    I bought one years ago from Police Officer Wong in Hong Kong. If you find a source I need another one too. David --- In

    5/15/2010, 10:19 am
    wong wing
    I also am interested in purchasing a wong wing,depending on price. I would prefer it in primer as I am currently painting my 90 pc in a custom color.

    9/29/2010, 04:13 am
    wong wing
    What happened? Did it die on the vine?

      9/29/2010, 02:37 pm
      wong wing
      Major problem at the moment is acquiring a suitable tail light. And Mr. Wong has been out of town working for quite a while. Dick MacInnes