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25000 miles later on the VT1100 experiment
Written by athet94703 on 9/29/2010 at 08:51 pm

I've now had the thing 3 years and put just shy of 30000 miles on it. As the
first person to do the VT1100 final drive swap, (and that I haven't checked in
here for a while...) I thought I'd give an update.

First of all, it's the same old cam-seal leaking, dodgy 3rd gear bike its always
been. The VT1100 gearing gives a consistent 45mpg, and that's with no sub airbox
lid and a lot of rejetting, leading to 51hp.
I'm a few hundred miles short of 100000, and will probably be putting a
replacement engine in it this winter, as the transmission has been shaky the
whole time I've owned this bike. That said, it hasn't gotten any worse in 30k

So if you are thinking about re-gearing your PC, I would recommend it, with the
caveat that some rejetting and perhaps some stronger clutch springs would be a
good idea.

If you spend a lot of your riding time in town it might not be worth it, but if
you do many highway miles it extends the mileage and comfort zone 5-7mph, which
is enough here in the SF Bay area to be adequate in traffic.

1990 PC800 99780mi 'Junk in the Trunk'
150/90/15 ME880, VT1100 3.08 gears, 152/155 main jets, needles shimmed 2mm, air
box sub lid removed, stock pilot jets, fuel screws 4 turns out. Front lower
bodywork by TAP Plastics, Rifle screen.

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