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PC trunk mats
Written by lcshepp on 9/30/2010 at 02:41 am

Hi Mike,

> Does anyone know if a guy named Rich (or anyone else) still sells
> trunk mats for PC800s?

I think Rich (can't remember his last name - Fenwick?) no longer makes
them. He's been mostly off this list for quite a few years. And
besides Honda, I don't know of anyone else that ever did...

What I did was to use a set of real mats as a pattern and cut my own
mats out of carpet padding.

The carpet padding was free scrap from a carpet installation place.

It has a felt surface (very durable) and a non-slip foam rubber base

I made them years ago and they are still as good as the day I installed

The problem I had with the stock mats was that they were carpeting
without anything to hold them in place; they were free to just slide around.


PS I'm thinking about a way to make a pattern that people could use to
make their own...

Leland Sheppard
Placerville, California, USA

...Life is good on the Pacific Coast...

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