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Silicate free antifreeze: A necessity for long water pump life
Written by rudyg1937 on 10/3/2010 at 12:16 pm

I agree with skyeenter in that I use Hondaline premix and change it every 2
years. If you do that you do not need to flush the system as what is in there
is not full of contaminants. The Hondaline antifreeze is mixed with deionized
water. I have done this to all my water cooled bikes with no problems in the
cooling system. I can change my antifreeze for little more than the cost of a
tank of gas.

At the risk of being told I am a victim of propaganda. I posted a sheet years
ago supplied to the dealers by Honda at the latest in 1993 and possibly earlier
in the photos/misc/antifreeze pages. I just tried looking at it and got the
dreaded colorful dots in a box so not sure if it still works. If not I'll try

Or a shorter link:
I found this page in the back of an old parts price catalog. It is a separate
flyer page Honda sent with information on why you should run non-silicated
antifreeze, in particular Honda Antifreeze of course. I just took a picture
instead of scanning it in as the camera was handy. Take it for what it is worth.
Believe it if you want, don't believe it if you want. Take it with a grain of
salt, or a pint of Guiness.
I do know when I sold my 1986 VF500F the guy who bought it changed the
antifreeze and used car antifreeze. He then called me up and said it was
overheating. I told him car antifreeze does not resist foaming in the high rpm
motorcycle water pumps so he changed back and the problem went away.

As for Dexcool I plan to get that out of my vehicles at about 35 or 40,000 miles
and switch to propylene glycol as it is safer for the environment and doesn't
turn crunchy. My S10 at about 40k had crunchy antifreeze on the radiator cap.
When I called my friend at the Chevy dealership he said I had the "Dexcool
Blues". I drained it out and put in the propylene glycol and then changed it
again at 100k. I sold the truck at 116k with no cooling system or head gasket
problems that the V6 S10 is noted for. A couple of dollars invested in
maintenance is worth the no major problems in the future,


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