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Brass "T" ?
Written by gibinmich on 10/5/2010 at 08:07 pm

The T is a 5/16. I got mine at NAPA part no. 730-2948 for $6.50. The same thing
at Auto Zone is about five bucks. NAPA was closer so I spent the big $$$
--- In, "Bobb Todd" <bobbtodd@...> wrote:
> You have to take the side plastic off to get the fake tank cover off. The
petcock is right
> there at the back of the fake tank cover. There is the main gas line coming in
and two gas
> lines going out to the two carbs. There is also a small vacuum line that is
used to open
> the petcock when the bike is running. This vacuum line isn't needed when you
go to the
> brass T so it has to be plugged with a small screw or something or the bike
will run like
> crap. I bought three mini hose clamps to replace the factory clamps."
> ....................
> This seems pretty straight forward. Any Idea what size "T"is used ?
> Any issue removing the petcock and vacuum shut off ? I had one of the very
first GL1500s
> and it didn't have a vacuum shutoff. If shut down when hot it would leach fuel
into the #1
> cylinder which made it kind of hard to start.
> Bobb Todd

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