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fuel meter
Written by pgboyd on 10/6/2010 at 10:20 am

Look at the service manual page 18-25 to see how to access the connector to the
fuel level sender. If you disconnect the sender and jumper those two wires
together *BRIEFLY* you can see if the fuel meter is faulty. It might help to
have two pieces of 16 gauge wire that are long enough so that you can watch the
meter while you touch the ends of the wire together (with the ignition switch on
but bike not running). You don't want to keep the jumper connected for long -
just long enough to watch that the needle rises and falls while you have them
connected and disconnected. You can burn out the meter apparently if you keep
too much power to it for too long.

If the meter is okay, it is either in your connectors, fuel sender, or wires.
The wiring diagram at the back of the service manual is pretty easy to follow
and I'm sure there are others here who have more experience with electrical
problems who can weigh in.

It sometimes helps to know if this has suddenly developed or you have seen it
before but it went away. Have you done any repairs to the bike lately? Sometimes
moving around wiring harnesses to get to other things causes problems. The
wiring on some of these old bikes tends to get brittle and needs a tender touch.

Good luck

Northern VA
1995 PC800 - Tsunami

--- In, "raneylc" <lclize@...> wrote:
> how to trouble shoot fuelmeter not working. tried another sending unit, no
help works sometime.

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