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Fails to start or turn over
Written by jordan_d_cronin on 10/10/2010 at 02:01 am

You guys are the best! Thank you for the quick responses.

I think you are spot on. I tested the battery with a volt meter and the voltage
went to around 3 volts when I tried to start it. I took it back to Batteries
Plus and they tested it and replaced it for free (although I did have to pay a
$3 environmental regulatory fee). After installing the new one it started right
up and it appeared that it was charging at around 13-13.4 volts when revved.
I'll probably take it for a test ride tomorrow, but I'm pretty confident that
the problem is resolved.

Thanks again!
- Jordan

--- In, Nigel Lemaire <nlemaire@...> wrote:
> Internal battery fault was EXACTLY what happened to me.
> When turning on the bike, lights, everything worked, but when I hit the
> starter, nothing.
> I had a volt meter attached to the battery and, by chance, noticed that
> when I hit the starter button the voltage dropped to zero.
> New battery, and all well... but sure took a while to figure this out!
> Nigel

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