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tachometer not working
Written by rudyg1937 on 10/10/2010 at 04:11 pm

I have never had the problem with the tachometer but I know I have seen similar
problems on other bikes. I would check and clean the terminal on the right rear
ignition coil where the tach takes it's impulse from. Looking at the wiring
diagram it appears both the tach and the fuel cutoff take their signal from the
same yellow with blue stripe wire. I would also pay attention to the connection
to the wiring harness plug for the same wire.

Purely a guess and the first place I would check.


--- In, "Kev" <kperham986@...> wrote:
> Mine is intermittent, and tried asking similar questions here with no
> Mine would fail to come on with the motor starting, but always does
eventually. Maybe seconds, or minutes, sometimes miles after starting for the
first time in a day.
> I took the gauges off and took a good look at the tach and connectors. Nothing
seemed amiss and the tach needle moved freely. Re-assembled and it worked well
for a while. Came back a couple times recently, but only for a moment each time.
> I guess the bottom line is I don't know either! LOL
> Kevin
> '96 PC800 "The Red Fury"
> '99 VFR800 "Pancake Meyers"
> '01 RC51 "Southbound Pachyderm"
> --- In, paulburkett5@ wrote:
> >
> > Hi everyone. Noticed today, for some reason, my tachometer quit working.The
previous owner changed the instrument gauge set 3 years ago(speedometer,odometer
and tach) Looks like I may have a recurring problem. The bike ran fine though.
Can someone help me check the tach with what meter and how, and does it hurt to
operate bike with out tach. Probably stupid question, but I had to ask. Thanks
all the world of non conformist bikers, Tokyo, the new Milwaukee! Paul B in Ga.
> >

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