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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Written by spacetiger_j... on 10/11/2010 at 01:30 am

So, I have settled on the names of my two PC bikes.

I say this as I have just come home from buying Bill's 96 parts bike. This bike
will be Mr. Hyde. The bike has seen better days and has not been on the road
for a couple of years. The front end is in sad shape, there are no front
brakes, no seats, and no body plastic save the false gas tank cover. I plan to
get Mr. Hyde into riding shape again but not clothe it again in plastic. Lucky
for me, all the necessary parts are left over from the front fork/brake project
on Dr. Jekyll.

Mr. Hyde will be the project mule for Dr. Jekyll. I have 4 long-term projects
planned to be done on Mr. Hyde so I can take my time to work out all the kinks
and only take down Dr. Jekyll when I transfer the projects. My experience on
the fender/brake project led me to the realization that without a Mr. Hyde, I
would have Dr. Jekyll down and not rideable for long periods of time.

My 4 projects:
1. dual exhaust system; all the parts are in but I have not started it yet. I
have to get a few more instruments/gauges.
2. VT1100 engine swap; I researched this enough to believe it is doable, so I
used this to convince me to go ahead with the Mr. Hyde acquisition.
3. Gas tank mod to increase capacity (try to add about another gallon.
4. Surprise... I'll post this at a later time.

Have to sell my GL500I, then get Mr. Hyde rideable, so there will be no exhaust
project updates until these 2 things are taken care of. With any luck, Mr. Hyde
will be out and about this spring on one of the PC rides. :-)


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