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Brake? knock
Written by bty2683498 on 10/11/2010 at 05:55 am

I had the problem of a seized piston and bad vibration when braking on my 94 at
60,000 miles, a good cleaning and fitting stainless hoses solved it.
Phil Crawley. in UK.

--- In, "randiana46128" <rhayes@...> wrote:
> Upon further dissambly it appears brake problem is somehow related to having
one nearly seized piston in the pair. I pulled the caliper and ran the piston in
and out, cleaning with brake fluid. It didn't loosen up completely but much
better. I'm not sure how this caused pulsing. I guess the other piston pushed
in for contact and since this piston didnt move in, it allowed the caliper to
vibrate. I will continue to see if this will loosen w/o completel dissambly of
wheel cylinder, The vibration was much better but seems to be coming back, so
I guess its not loose enough yet. I didn't send pics of the rotor, because the
polished bars are so subtle, I dont think they would show up. They are inline
with each of the "inner" slots though, go figure. Thanks for comments, will
update. Randy

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