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PC and Flexit sidecar
Written by pcrider5860 on 10/11/2010 at 06:25 pm

Hi All,

I am Chris from The Netherlands, and have a PC since '94. Before hat I drove a
russian bike with sidecar, yep, the Dnepr / Ural 650.

Now I bought a Flexit, and that will be my winterproject.

I know for sure that there has been a combination like that, but that was 20
years ago. Not likely that that will be still ''alive''.

Maybe someone does know how to make the subframe, or has any ideas how to
connect it without damaging the fairings too much. This will be my biggest
trouble I am afraid.

I know there is the FSOG, and I do have lots of help there, but any input I find
will help me.

I do like the VT1100 project as mentioned here. Maybe that will work fine with
riding a heavier PC and sidecar together.
Having more power is a big plus, not to mention the greater torque.

But first things first: buiding the rig to the PC.

Greetz, from Holland, Chris

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