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Oily residue on the left rear spark plug area-
Written by delprincephil on 10/12/2010 at 02:41 am

I had an oily residue around the left front spark plug hole. It was from an
earlier spark plug change where a slightly too large socket (still thin walled)
was used to remove the plug resulting in a small hairline crack in the threaded
metal sleeve that surrounds the plug. I'm not sure if the left rear plug has
this sleeve as well. If it does, check the inside of this sleeve with your
finger for smoothness and/or a small bright flashlight.
Phil in Boulder

--- In, "Tom Banks" <tmb14@...> wrote:
> When changing my spark plugs I noted that the left rear plug has a burnt oily
residue around the spark plug hole. I wonder where the oil is coming from?
> Tom

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