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New Rear Suspension
Written by spacetiger_j... on 10/13/2010 at 01:12 am

2 other options:

1st: Free; Try adjusting the preload on the left side rear shock. You have 5
or 6 levels of preload. Even if you are XXL, the bike is rated for about 360lbs
- doubt you are that much. Just get out your tool kit and get the leverage
handle out. Then, get on your back to get access to the rear shock and dial up
the spring to essentially compress the shock spring. If you are less than 300,
try compressing up to the next to the last setting.

2nd: $200-700; several different options here that can be made to work with the
PC. I'm probably going to try one of their shocks for Dr. Jekyll and move the
stock shocks over to Mr Hyde as he has no rear shocks :-(


--- In, "oregoncoastbear" <oregoncoastbear@...> wrote:
> Howdy, I've got an '89 PC800 and am in need of a new rear suspension. My rear
tire recently rubbed through the back trunk and it's bottoming out a lot.
> Can anyone suggest the best kind replacement that will support an XXL rider?
> Thanks
> TJ

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