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Upgrade Headlight Bulb Please
Written by pcnz2004 on 10/13/2010 at 07:08 am

Great advice from Seth here. By simply installing a higher wattage headlight
bulb, you may be opening up more problems than you hope to resolve.
By installing a headlight relay, the bulb receives the maximum voltage
available. The standard wiring may cause the bulb to be operating at a less than
ideal voltage and this has a huge impact on the amount of light that is
produced. By installing a higher wattage bulb than stock causes higher current
to flow through the wiring and the tiny copper contacts in the light dip switch,
this higher current will cause an increase in heat in all of the lighting
circuit and this will result in earlier failure of the contacts and increase the
chance of a wiring melt down. The higher temperatures generated by high wattage
bulbs may also cause melting of the headlight case (which is plastic) or the
headlight lense.
My advice (for what it's worth) is to fit the headlight relay and the heavier
wiring to feed maximum voltage to the bulb and try that. If you are still not
satisfied, try a high spec. bulb of the same wattage a standard ... I have
fitted a high spec HELLA bulb that is the same wattage as stock, but which
produces 50% more light.

Clear Skies and Winding Highways from New Zealand


--- In, "unlikelyloginname" <unlikelyloginname@...> wrote:
> The Electrical Connection's High Output Headlight Harness helps. It
> reduces the voltage drop in the headlight wiring considerably, as well
> as removing the load from the high/low beam switch and starter button
> contacts. The relays can be mounted behind the right "speaker" non-grill.
> Seth

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