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Upgrade Headlight Bulb Please
Written by unlikelylogi... on 10/13/2010 at 04:57 pm

--- In, "chorizoneggs" <deancorbella@...> wrote:
> Thanks all for the interesting input. Sounds easy and not to pricey. Now do I
get the single or double harness?

Single (p/n 05001) for thou hast but one headlamp. Thou shalt not count to two.


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10/12/2010, 11:42 pm
Upgrade Headlight Bulb Please
My headlight just isn't bright enough. It doesnt dim with engine speed. I just want more light for safety. So can anybody out there please give feedback on what they did and post part numbers for all who need more light. Thanks in advance.

    10/13/2010, 02:48 am
    Upgrade Headlight Bulb Please
    Get a headlight modulator: flashes the headlight very fast and makes you very visible. Best advice I ever got from the Yankee Smuggler... --- In

    10/13/2010, 03:01 am
    Upgrade Headlight Bulb Please
    The Electrical Connection's High Output Headlight Harness helps. It reduces the voltage drop in the headlight wiring considerably, as well as removing the load from the high/low beam switch and starter button contacts. The relays can be mount