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Carburetor Enrichment Curcuit
Written by tommikebanks14 on 10/13/2010 at 05:44 pm

Mission accomplished! Yes indeed- the unslotted jet is the enrichment jet and in
both carbs that jet was plugged. The key was to use piano wire to unclog it.
Now my bike cold starts easily. After many hours of struggle- trial and error,
prayer and research at the local libiary and visiting Nick and Neil
ProMotorSports in Belleville- it all came together. And help from you guys
here too. Thanks-
--- In, "Jerry" <sanae.ej@...> wrote:
> Tom,
> As I understand the carburetor design on the PC, the enrichment circuit -
activated by the pull of the choke cable - pulls a blunt "pin" out of its cavity
so additional fuel is allowed to flow to an orifice behind the butterfly valve
(I think). This design is on both carbs as the choke cable splits to connect to
each carb.
> So, the choke does not introduce air, but more fuel.
> I believe the fuel pick up is the 3rd non sloted pick-up.
> If you are experiencing slow engine speed stumbling, I suspect your low speed
jet is clogged (common problem) and/or your idle mixture needle is dirty. Of
those 2 possibilities, I'd check your low speed jets first on each carb.
> Jerry
> --- In, "Tom Banks" <tmb14@> wrote:
> >
> > To anyone who knows about the carburetor enrichment curicut on the PC800. I
have determined that the on my Pacific Coast, when the choke is engaged on cold
start I am drawing in air for the carb enrichment (larger hole at the top of the
inlet) but no extra fuel. So where is the enrichment jet? There are 3 pick-ups
in the float chamber- primary, secondary and a third- which I would assume is
for the enrichment- however it is not slotted. So is the unslotted pick-up for
the enrichment and can it be cleaned? If not, where does the enrichment get
fuel? Again- your help is much appreciated. Tom
> >

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