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Gas Smell II
Written by spacetiger_j... on 10/14/2010 at 11:11 pm

I'd guess your float bowl(s) are the cause. Make sure the floats are set right
and take a moment to unscrew your jets and clean them since you'll probably pull
the carbs...


--- In, "Bobb Todd" <bobbtodd@...> wrote:
> So we dug into it a bit at the shop today. Of course the petcock was bone dry
after I
> spend an hour searching for a brass "T".
> Looks like it's the actual carbs that are leaking. Not copious amounts but
enough to leave
> a stain and odor. Did NOT get into this today as I leave tomorrow on a 3 day
> Also installed a K&N [Not looking for a K&N debate] and was pleased how easy
it is to get
> to it. On the GL1800 it's 3 hours to reach the air filter. The filter in there
was a stock
> rubber with a piece of a flat car filter grafted/glued on so it may not have
been quite up
> to spec.
> Did find a bit of oil in the air box which concerned me but not my mechanic.
> Bobb Todd

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