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Cam seal replacement
Written by bob_munden on 10/16/2010 at 01:52 pm

Turns out on close inspection that there is no oil leak. The oil was coming
from the air filter pan and there was about a cup in there from a not so
recent tip over. Don't ask - just suffice to say that oil and water on a gas
station lot after a rainstorm produce the slipperiest substance to be found
short of glare ice. Seems it seeps down and eventually makes it's way to
the bottom to drop off at about 1 drip every day or so.
Seth, as to a consultation - Tony Paco's would be a great spot. I've
often thought it would be a great destination for a RTE. Just love those
cabbage rolls!!
Thanks for the advise. Although I don't follow this list much I knew
there is always an informed answer waiting.
Bob Munden
Windsor, Ontario
PC and other bikes - Iron Butt rides/records

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