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Tire sizes
Written by leroy_cope on 10/21/2010 at 01:20 am

At 6,000 miles I have pretty bad cupping on a IRC Wild Flare that I blame on the
stylistic tread design. I will be replacing it with a Avon Roadrider 120/80-17
in the not to distant future.

Roy Cope

--- In, "tachwinder1" <ironcast@...> wrote:
> I installed a 120/80-17 IRC Wild Flare cruiser tire on the front and a Shinko
14-/90-15 230 Tourmaster tire on the rear on my '97 Pacific Coast. I have only
1800 miles on the tires but have been very pleased with their performance so
far. I have ridden in a lot of rain and have had no issues. I bought these 2
tires from Bike Bandit for the price of $140 total with an AMA discount and
including shipping.
> Regards,
> Terry
> --- In, "gendotte" <haxton@> wrote:
> >
> > My Puter dumped out my tire size for my 94. Anybody know off the top of
his/her head the correct sizes for front and back?
> > Mike Haxton
> > Proud rider of a
> > 94 Black on Gray
> >

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