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Lemmings Non Sumus Patches
Written by ayrgtfmt on 10/21/2010 at 01:38 am

20 Oct 10

To >>> Larry, Steve, Tim, Phillip, Sylviane, John, W.B.* & saggrildad - AND
- the other PC'ers (lost emails - sorry) that emailed me wanting one or
more "Lemmings Non Sumus" patches - & all PC'ers,

As you may remember this all started on 25 Aug 10 - when Larry emailed us
with - "Would anyone be interested in the IPCRC Lemmings Non Sumus patch. I
am considering having more made they will be 100% Embroidery. Price would be
$25.00 Plus Shipping. Let me know if you are interested and if we have
enough people I will have them made.

And on 26 Aug 10 - I responded: Larry, The Lemmings Non Sumus patch is my
design (& my sign off signature)--- IMHO it is the most descriptive PC patch
& should be our official patch- (but I'm prejudice) . 7 years ago I was able
to sell them for $10 (large volume order). If you're serious AND enough
people will commit -- I'll research re-ordering a batch & current cost ?? <
Lemmings Non Sumus >Harry

And - after many messages to, from & between many PC'ers - On 5 Sep 10 - I
said: To all PC'ers -- but especially Larry, Steve, Tim, Phillip, Sylviane,
Goldintru2az & saggirldad. "Thanks for your interest in the "Lemmings Non
Sumus" patch. I'm in the process of getting info on a minimum order & cost
for marketing (again) this classic patch. When I receive the facts I'll
e-mail all of you. For more info on this subject go to - Thanks for your
interest. < Lemming s Non Sumus > Harry"

(Fast forward) Today I received my reorder of Lemmings patches - they are
again available ! However because my computer "deletes without my
knowledge" J - and in an effort to maintain some "Order Consistency" - I'm
ignoring all previous requests for a patch (please forgive me). THUS - If
you want a Lemmings patch please go to:

PS <> THANKS to all who showed interest in reordering this unique & "classic
patch" - and especially Larry for getting me off my lazy end. < Lemmings
Non Sumus > Harry

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