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Reinstal windshield question
Written by douglasvanb on 10/23/2010 at 04:05 am

Do you have a friend or two who can help? I've learned how to do it on my own
but it is a REAL PAIN. With two other people, it becomes much easier. One
person holds the windshield up, one positions the windshield, metal bits,
rubber, etc, and one person puts the washer through and then the bolt.

Go slow and when you get frustrated, take a break for a while. You'll get it on
but it might take a couple hours.

Good luck mate!


--- In, "STANLEY" <stanwalton@...> wrote:
> After removing the windshield and performing fork work, I'm having trouble
getting the windshield washers installed in the proper order through the
metal/shield/rubber and into the plastic..
> I searched the search function and found '05 comments but found no solid
instruction as to how they fit.
> Refering to the Honda Service manual and according to the diagram, I can't get
my washers to pass through the metal strip which fronts the shield which has a
rubber gasket next to the plastic.
> My 97 has a clearview windshield I think, as I bought it used..
> If anyone has done this procedure I would appreciate any help forthcoming.
> Thanks,
> Stan

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