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Reinstal windshield question
Written by stanwalton... on 10/23/2010 at 12:44 pm

Thanks Mike,

I understand your instructions but I have these washers that appear to need
passing through the metal and the shield-- then the screw would pass thrugh it--
but they won't fit.. The are shaped as a rivit or a grommet with one flat side
and the other side has a protubrence.. ( Hopefull I'm describing so that you
understand what I'm saying)
Good tip about the tape...

Thanks again,
--- In, "eegah_yai" <scrow2@...> wrote:
> I tape my rubber piece to the bike using black tape- electrical or black duct
tape. Two pieces of tape- up at the top of the dash. You can't notice it when
assembled. Then, I put the metal strip on, using just the upper two bolts. These
are just started into their holes so the whole thing fits loosely. The
windshield can now be placed behind the strip, and it will hang on those two
bolts. The two middle bolts on the sides are the hardest to start as the metal
piece has to be flattened out and alligned. I usually start the front bolt
loosely, and then catch these two. You may have to press on the metal strip to
flatten it to get it in line. The clearview should have longer bolts than stock.
> Mike
> --- In, "STANLEY" <stanwalton@> wrote:
> >
> > After removing the windshield and performing fork work, I'm having trouble
getting the windshield washers installed in the proper order through the
metal/shield/rubber and into the plastic..
> >
> > I searched the search function and found '05 comments but found no solid
instruction as to how they fit.
> >
> > Refering to the Honda Service manual and according to the diagram, I can't
get my washers to pass through the metal strip which fronts the shield which has
a rubber gasket next to the plastic.
> >
> > My 97 has a clearview windshield I think, as I bought it used..
> >
> > If anyone has done this procedure I would appreciate any help forthcoming.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Stan
> >

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