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Reinstal windshield question
Written by skyeenter on 10/23/2010 at 05:34 pm

Any time you have a problem with reassembly of anything on the PC go to the
appropriate section at any of the online dealers onlinefiche interactive parts
and diagrams section and download and print the section for reference.

I have found the Service Manual will not get you through the reassembly. Just
not enough info about parts identification, nomenclature and reassembly detail.

Here's the section you need for windscreen reassembly. Hopefully it will go
directly to the link. Sometimes the online fiche will only take you to the
dealers site, so you may have to look it up according to the drop down boxes.\

I have removed/reinstalled/changed eight windshields and only have had a couple
of problem: cross threading by PO/lost collars and short bolts.

Windscreen reassembly:

Note: There are four different collars that are critical in their placement in
windscreen assembly. Do not get these confused and in the wrong holes.
Collar(6) is oval and critical to seating the windscreen, giving flexibility for
lining up the front bolt hole.

Do not drop these parts, as you'll need a long flexible magnetic device to fish
them out of the fairings.

1. Download and print the diagrams and parts nomenclature for reference.

2. Duct(9) is in already place.

3. Tape the windscreen rubber(3) in place. Double sided tape works best after
trying other methods.

4. Rear collar/bolt assembly.
Place collar(11) on front side of windscreen plate(4), place oval collar(6) on
rear side. Note: collar(11) slides into oval collar(6).

5. Insert bolt(28) into collar/plate assembly on one side only.

6. Holding collar/plate assembly together line up on Cowl Stay and insert
bolt(28) into appropriate fixed nut on Cowl Stay. Tighten two or three turns
only. Leave enough space so the windscreen will slide easily between the plate
and the rubber.

7. Assemble and do the same for the opposite side.

8. Slide/fit/seat windscreen on collar(11) between plate and windscreen rubber.
Lift the front of plate to remove tension as the windscreen slides on the

9. Front bolt assembly.
Gently push forward/down on windscreen plate(4) and bottom of windscreen and
line up front hole. Insert collar(33)(the big round collar) in plate hole and
windscreen hole then insert bolt(28)into into collar and turn bolt two to three

10. Mid/side bolt assembly.
Insert bolt(28) into collar (1) and turn two to three turns.

11. Insert Louver, windscreen collar(10) into opening for proper alignment.
Adjust part as required. If a tight fit removal of some material by Dremel or
filing may be necessary.

12. Tighten bolts to finger tight. Using screwdriver, tighten to just past
snug, usually 1/2 to 1 full turn. Do not over tighten as these bolts place
undue pressure on the windscreen and may result in cracking of the plastic.

Stripped nut repair: solutions.

Unless the threads are completely damaged beyond use there's the possibility of
realigning them by reverse threading. This will require removal of the meter
panel for access to the cowl stay if any nuts are damaged. Just as the name
implies start the bolt from the reverse side. Make sure you lubricate the nut
and bolt as you'll be re-cutting the threads. Instead of using the OEM Phillips
head screw try a hex head bolt of the same size, as the Phillips may strip or
round off.

If the threads are beyond repair you can use Heli-Coil threaded inserts to fit
the bolts. This may require drilling out existing threads out of the nut.

Another option is to attach a same sized nut behind the stripped thread nut. It
will have to be attached (welded) because access to the nut will be limited if
the meter panel is not removed.

Lost collar replacements may be found at your local hardware store. Bolt size
is more important here than actual length. Length can be cut to size.

Good luck. skye

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10/22/2010, 10:11 pm
Reinstal windshield question
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    Reinstal windshield question
    Try this first. If still unsure, give me a call.

    10/22/2010, 11:58 pm
    Reinstal windshield question
    I've been lucky enough to have to do this procedure at least 5 or 6 times (removing the Clearview) and would strongly warn you to proceed with caution. ALL of my bolts and the holes they go in are stripped now. Not sure what I did wrong, but

    10/23/2010, 04:05 am
    Reinstal windshield question
    Do you have a friend or two who can help? I've learned how to do it on my own but it is a REAL PAIN. With two other people, it becomes much easier. One person holds the windshield up, one positions the windshield, metal bits, rubber, etc, and

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    Reinstal windshield question
    I tape my rubber piece to the bike using black tape- electrical or black duct tape. Two pieces of tape- up at the top of the dash. You can't notice it when assembled. Then, I put the metal strip on, using just the upper two bolts. These are j

      10/23/2010, 12:44 pm
      Reinstal windshield question
      Thanks Mike, I understand your instructions but I have these washers that appear to need passing through the metal and the shield-- then the screw would pass thrugh it-- but they won't fit.. The are shaped as a rivit or a grommet with one

        10/23/2010, 02:49 pm
        Reinstal windshield question
        Stan, FWIW, it's been four or five months since the last time I removed my windshield but if memory serves, I put those washer/rivet things underneath the metal strip. That means they only go through the windshield and rubber. Chee

    10/23/2010, 05:34 pm
    Reinstal windshield question
    Any time you have a problem with reassembly of anything on the PC go to the appropriate section at any of the online dealers onlinefiche interactive parts and diagrams section and download and print the section for reference. I have found

      10/25/2010, 10:12 pm
      Reinstal windshield question
      I have also changed several windshields and suggest a recheck of your instructions. (Please refer to the Honda set-up instructions on our site) The rear collar/bolt assembly goes thru the rubber backed plate, thru windshield, thru the shield

        10/26/2010, 04:58 am
        Reinstal windshield question
        Dick, thanks for pointing out the reference in the set up manual about the position of the rear collars behind the screen rubber. I never thought to look there. Sorta figured the installation on my own. When I posted I was going from my o

      5/25/2011, 02:08 pm
      Reinstal windshield question
      Skye, If that is the prices at Cheap Cycle parts they are much higher than Service Honda or Ron Ayers. They show $230 for a mirror assembly. Fred --- In

        5/25/2011, 07:46 pm
        Reinstal windshield question
        Thanks for pointing that out, Fred. I, since, have been doing more comparison shopping for dealer parts and Ron Ayres has been coming up the least expensive, followed by Service Honda. Cheap Cycle parts has one of the easier Parts Diagram

    10/24/2010, 05:05 pm
    Reinstal windshield question
    Stanley, I reread your post and have a better idea of what problem you're having. To match up the alignment of the plate and windscreen try using an alignment drift or a Phillips screwdriver on the front hole that fits snug in the nut and get

      10/24/2010, 05:23 pm
      Reinstal windshield question
      Not to hijack this thread, but Sky, what part would I need to replace to be able to actually thread my bolts into their holes rather than just grinding them in, as I do now? Is it just a couple of nuts inside that I could replace? -Scott

        10/25/2010, 01:53 am
        Reinstal windshield question
        Scott, check out Heli-Coil threaded inserts. HeliCoil After Market Thread Repair Kit Helicoil HeliCoil After Market Thread Repair Kits are ava

          10/25/2010, 02:12 am
          Reinstal windshield question
          I can vouch for helicolis. In a prior life, I worked in a machine shop. Used those every once in a while (okay all the time) when I screwed something up. It always did the trick! Cheers, Douglas --- In