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Reinstal windshield question
Written by skyeenter on 10/24/2010 at 05:05 pm

Stanley, I reread your post and have a better idea of what problem you're
having. To match up the alignment of the plate and windscreen try using an
alignment drift or a Phillips screwdriver on the front hole that fits snug in
the nut and get the parts to align and then insert your collars(1) and bolt(28)
in the now aligned mid/side holes. Once these are in place this should hold
enough tension to insert the front collar(33)and bolt properly.

Don't try to use the bolt to do the aligning. It could cross thread the nuts
and create the nightmare repair problem that Scott now has.

I've also found that Clearview windshields require a bit more aligning than OEM,
so I use an alignment drift for my bolts when they don't match up.


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