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Reinstal windshield question
Written by c172myp51 on 10/24/2010 at 05:23 pm

Not to hijack this thread, but Sky, what part would I need to replace to be able
to actually thread my bolts into their holes rather than just grinding them in,
as I do now?
Is it just a couple of nuts inside that I could replace?

--- In, "skyeenter" <skyeenter@...> wrote:
> Stanley, I reread your post and have a better idea of what problem you're
having. To match up the alignment of the plate and windscreen try using an
alignment drift or a Phillips screwdriver on the front hole that fits snug in
the nut and get the parts to align and then insert your collars(1) and bolt(28)
in the now aligned mid/side holes. Once these are in place this should hold
enough tension to insert the front collar(33)and bolt properly.
> Don't try to use the bolt to do the aligning. It could cross thread the nuts
and create the nightmare repair problem that Scott now has.
> I've also found that Clearview windshields require a bit more aligning than
OEM, so I use an alignment drift for my bolts when they don't match up.
> skye

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