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Reinstal windshield question
Written by skyeenter on 10/25/2010 at 01:53 am

Scott, check out Heli-Coil threaded inserts.

HeliCoil After Market Thread Repair Kit Helicoil
HeliCoil After Market Thread Repair Kits are available in economy packs with all
basic tools required to perform a thread repair. Each kit has a finishing tap,
installation tool , a good quantity of inserts , tang breaking pin and complete
instructions. These kits are available in metric range from M3 to M20 and in
UNC/UNF range #8/32 to 1- 1/2"

Looks like the kit has everything you need, including correct size tap. Once
the hole is drilled you tap the new threads and insert the Heli-Coil insert in
the size that you need.\

Take a bolt along to get the correct size insert for the windscreen and the rest
should be basic.

Good luck. skye

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