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LED taillight
Written by alfr4d on 10/25/2010 at 09:03 pm

I have them for one season now and I am satisfied but would like to share on
how. the picture is at

The colorless and bright light is half in-between red and amber trough the red
lens. Some have had better results with red LED light behind a red lens. The
next time I will try. Go for red.

Taillight is best to be seen at night but anyway I found the taillight function
to be not enough light. Brake light however is by far bright enough. This is a
problem of design. The yellow dots have three chips each so I figure they have
only one working for a good difference when applying the brake. I have a new
license plate light because they do go black slowly and cleaned the hidden,
window underneath the lens, that shines at the license plate. This way you will
have a good red taillight in the middle as it should and still a good

You must buy a combined Tail-Brake function light and be aware that some bulbs
are provided with more electricity and may mistakenly be advertised as such.
They should have two contacts at the end. One from the two I received had wrong
attached wires and was always braking. I got another after photographic proof it
was a swap and was allowed to keep the wrong wired, but still usable light. Best
service ever.

Together with the headlight switch that I made I canceled a lot of load but have
really no idea how much for the taillights. Some say LED reacts more quick
(applies to the front brake switch only) but I think this is not noticeable at

--- In, "aek_alex" <aek_alex@...> wrote:
> Has anyone used different bulbs for taillights?
> May some bright flashing ones.
> Any suggestions on brighter LED Bulbs?
> I want to be a little safer by doing this.
> Thanks,
> Alex

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