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Reinstal windshield question
Written by skyeenter on 10/26/2010 at 04:58 am

Dick, thanks for pointing out the reference in the set up manual about the
position of the rear collars behind the screen rubber.

I never thought to look there. Sorta figured the installation on my own. When
I posted I was going from my own experience. I've been doing it that way after
checking the diagrams and thought they looked self explanatory. But it looks
like their not and more detail is always welcome.

I've installed the windshield both ways. Installing the center collar and bolt
through the plate and windshield first bothered me as it's the weakest point on
the windshield. Besides that, it became a bit of a wrestle with the rear
collar and bolt, hoping I wouldn't drop anything down the

I find setting the windscreen on the already in place rear collars is easier
than trying to fight the plate/windscreen/two collars/bolt with only two hands.
Since I started doing it that way haven't dropped anything down the HOANR.

Either way you install, with the shield rubber double taped to the cowl stay and
fairings, and the rubber backed comes factory attached to the plate, it appears
the windshield is going to be safely sandwiched between the two rubbers.

I agree, Clearview's are a bit more challenging to install, but if you don't
tighten until every thing is lined up, including installing the air duct outlet
and then tightening the bolts to just beyond snug it all holds in place quite

--- In, "Dick MacInnes" <swiftly1@...> wrote:
> I have also changed several windshields and suggest a recheck of your
> instructions. (Please refer to the Honda set-up instructions on our site)
> The rear collar/bolt assembly goes thru the rubber backed plate, thru
> windshield, thru the shield rubber and into the oval washer, which is
> inserted from the inside of the windshield, thru the shield rubber and into
> the windshield. This way the windshield is cradled in rubber on both sides,
> with no metal touching the shield.
> I also use the tape trick and found it helps a bunch. Also install the
> center screw first as called out in the setup instructions.
> Another caution may be to be careful installing a Clearview shield as it is
> slightly thicker that the stock. Over tightening could be a problem.
> Dick MacInnes

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